Donation and Donors Affair Unit

A) Blood Donation Section:

It depends on three different sources for blood collection:

  1. Central Blood Bank
  2. Branches in Amiri, Jahra, Adan Hostpitals and Crescent Center.
  3. Mobile Units

Blood donors are accepted according to the international regulations, where the donor must be 18 years old, with a minimum weight of 50Kg, and should not complain from any diseases to donate 540ml of blood that will represent less than 10% of his or her blood volume. This percentage is safe and within accepted limits.

Donation area is a well-lightened, ventilated and clean with comfortable donation beds. The medical staff is professionally trained for all phases of activities following a manual detailing in Standard Operating Operations (SOPs).

Computer programs check donor’s total identification data. Aseptic methods are used in collection of all blood units. Sterilized sets are changed fro each donation. All these measurements are updated to reach the maximum safety requirements of blood units.

Donation unit also offers other services including preoperative autologous blood donation with previous arrangement with the surgeon and blood bank physician enough time before an operation, and this donation should be accomplished 72 hours before the operation. Blood bank physician decides therapeutic phlebotomies for patients referred from physicians with diagnosis, rate of phlebotomy and amount to be collected.

B) Platelet Apheresis Section:

Filtered Platelets Apheresis is one of the most distinguished services that KBCC offers. During year 2010 this unit collected 7926 units of platelets concentrate which covering 100% of Kuwait requirements, and this is considered as an excellent percentage compared to other countries collected from whole blood units.



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